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The Gateway Arch and Party Night, Part IV

After conquering my fear of heights at the City Museum, I decided to do what I had sworn I would not do. We went up in the Gateway Arch. You get a phobia two-fer at the Arch, because you ride up inside it in a little pod that seats five people. Fortunately I do not have claustrophobia. I managed to do it by pretending it was a simulation.

It swayed ever so slightly at the top.

Sandy stabilized it for me.

He’s my handsome fella.

Cardinal Field.

Then we started walking to Soulard, a downtown neighborhood that had been recommended to us. On the way, we found a great place to eat seafood and listen to blues, Broadway Oyster Bar. After City Museum and the Arch, I needed a drink. We had serious fun.

Then on to McGurk’s Irish Pub in Soulard, when the drinking continued but we switched to live Irish music.

That was a helluva fun day in St. Louis.

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