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Weekend update

Laura asked me what I accomplished yesterday. My answer was too long to go to waste so I’ve copied it here.

I mordanted some cotton and wool fabrics with alum/soda ash and alum/cream of tartar respectively. They soaked overnight. Sandy and I went shopping mostly, but to fun places like a neighborhood bazaar in Glenwood and book stores – there is a great little bookstore on Grove St. called the Community Book Store, I think. I bought three great magazines at B&N – Handwoven, Quilting Arts, and Artist’s Cafe and Sandy spent his Christmas bonus on books both places and CDs at Deep Roots. At Deep Roots I bought a few interesting things to try for dyestuffs from the bulk herbs and spices – calendula, star anise, and eucalyptus. Also cream of tartar for the mordant. Last night I scanned a page of music from Handel’s Messiah and I printed it on about ten pages of my handmade paper for Christmas cards. I am now trying to decide if that is enough – they are awesome but simple – or if they need some angels. Leaning toward angels. And I played a lot of Scrabble online.

Today I rolled up a wool scrap with Yoshina cherry leaves, wrapped rubber bands around it and I am soaking it in a jar filled with calendula petals and hot water. The other fabric are drying on a rack. Now I have pulled out a bunch of remnants that I squirreled away and I’m washing them along with my laundry. And I have a cast iron pan full of locally and humanely raised and produced brats on the stove, along with a pot of butterbeans from my garden.

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