Finally took a few photos tonight.

This one is definitely for me. It is made with both recycled handmade paper and commercial writing paper. The cover is made with an envelope that Rice sent to me – too precious not to reuse! The binding was a bit tricky because I used lots of different scraps and bits of paper. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be so I’ll probably make a few similar to this for sale.

<Rice book

Rice Book inside

Not a very focused photo, but I’ll get another later since I plan to keep monkeying around with adding things to this book.

Here’s another coptic-stitched book with a painted cover. The cover and end pages are handmade artichoke papers, and the inside pages were made with corn shucks and abaca fiber. This is a gift for Sherri, the paper collage artist who showed us Mendenhall Glacier while we were in Juneau.

Autumn book

book 002

book 001