Alaska/British Columbia, Canada, Klondike Gold Rush National Park, National Parks and Monuments

White Pass Railway Ride

[These photos do not do this experience justice. Not only were we trying to get photos from a moving train, our camera, like those poor pack horses and mules worked to death on the Trail of ’98, was on its last legs. This was an expensive ride, and well worth the money.

Sandy took many of these photos from between the railcars, since I was drugged out on Dramamine and pretty much reduced to smiling and nodding.]

[It’s a good thing that folks can’t get off the train by the time they see this scene. There were a few scary places with straight down views.]

[Thank God this bridge was no longer in service!]

[One of the two original Klondike Gold Rush trails. This was the harder, yet more travelled trail because it was a bit shorter. Unbelievable how many people and pack animals came over this steep narrow rough trail.]

[This lake is actually at the summit of White Pass in Canada.]

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