Lots more rain today – a real gully washer this morning on my walk to work. Got soaked!

Amazing number of green beans on the dozen little bushes I planted. I only gave them a glance when I left for the weekend and when I came back they were getting too big. Of course, with the Jacob’s Cattle beans I can eat them as green or for shell beans. I just snapped them and shelled the ones that were too tough. Now I wish that I’d left those on the bushes.

They are simmering in a big pot with the green beans my mother gave me, and new Yukon Gold potatoes, dill, and garlic from the Back Forty. Some olive oil, too.

The mosquitoes are out in full force with all the rain and it was difficult to pick them.

I also have squash, zucchini, and onions that my mother gave me. Most of the part of the garden that I helped her plant was ruined when my brother sprayed it with Round-up. Grrrr.

Went to the doctor today and I officially weigh the most that I ever have, so I guess I have to diet. She is referring me to an orthopedic surgeon about my hip and I’m going to ask him about getting a steroid shot in it. I am tired of the persistent pain, and I’d like to be able to walk without pain when we go to Alaska in July. I’m also going to a dermatologist and get checked out for skin cancer, and I have broken blood vessels on my face that I’m going to ask her/him about “fixing.” So I’m just gittin’ all fixed up, honeys. JQ put henna in my hair this weekend but it didn’t make much of a color difference. I can tell it though, and it is shiny and healthy looking.

The lake was wonderful and relaxing, but for the first time since I started this blog, I am not writing about it. I didn’t take a single photo, although we tried to get another gator picture and by the time we had the camera it had moved on. I may not be going back again this year – I need my weekend for art work and it doesn’t happen down there unless I’m alone or just with Sandy.

I read a great book that I got off the free shelf at Ed McKay’s – Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris. Now I’m back to Baudolino by Umberto Eco, which actually had some connection to the discussion in my History of Photography class today. We were talking about symbiotics, which is Eco’s field of study. I like this class, but it is WAYYYYY more philosophical and theoretical than I would have ever guessed.

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