fiber art, Lake Waccamaw, weaving

Lake Waccamaw hats 2008

This third hat from last week is mine, MINE! The hatband is inkle-woven from cotton threads. I looked out over the lake and designed it from the view. At first I resisted putting the blue and brown together, but the lake is the color of tea and the sky and sun reflects off it. When I started weaving, I was happy with the choices I made. This hat is pretty rough compared to my other ones because I was getting down to the dregs of my supplies, but I like it the best.

The first two before the final trimming, drying on the screened porch. They are now in the possession of my mother, who helped me gather the cattails and couldn’t decide which one she wanted.

All three were handwoven with cattail leaves and a small amount of bulrush.

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