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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This will be a short one, since I need to get to the market and it’s already 84 degrees at 8:45 am.

First off, if you would like to go cherry picking with a group at the Levering Orchard on June 15, someone has volunteered to organize it. Leave me a comment saying so and I’ll send you her email address. If you’re on the Slow Food Piedmont Triad email list, you’ll get the information in about five minutes. You can join it by emailing info at slowfoodpiedmont dot org.

So much for my whining about people not stepping up. I blame hormones. It’s convenient that way.

I am feeling the need to shave my legs. Phooey. I hate it when my cultural upbringing pressures me internally to do crap I don’t really want to do. But I do like them better smooth. I went for two years without shaving my legs once and they did not look pretty and downy like some of my friends’ unshaven legs do. I finally gave in to societal expectations and started shaving again. But only occasionally, and only in summer. My husband could not care less if I shaved or not. And he doesn’t like make-up, and loves it if I decide to change my hair in any way. I love my husband.

So, if I’m going to wear shorts in public this weekend, it’s time. I gotta go.

The heat index should be over 100 today, maybe even the actual temperature, and there have been air quality alerts, so it will be an excuse to stay indoors and work on my labyrinth tapestry. I received two great books in the mail yesterday and a luscious indie magazine, Art and Life. I’ll probably blog a lot out of boredom. Talk to ya later.

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