ELC Day Eight

Lunch today: leftover beans, lamb’s quarters, field peas, and brown rice from this weekend, strawberries, and carrot cake.

Dinner tonight: I was lucky indeed that the Sandman offered to take me out to dinner and we were near Lucky 32, so I went back and had a great meal with North Carolina ingredients again! This time I ordered the Seattle Grit Cake, which was supposed to be an appetizer, but turned out to be a huge plate of delicious slices of toasted grits (or polenta, if that suits you better) covered with asparagus, onions, portobello mushrooms, spinach, and a cream sauce. I only ate a third of it, so if you don’t see a post from me tomorrow, you can assume I finished this meal off. And it only cost $7.95 in a beautiful restaurant with great, friendly service.

Plus, their cornbread was without a doubt the BEST I have ever tasted (Sandy had a piece with his meal). It had a naturally sweet, caramelized corn taste to it. The problem I have with most cornbread around here is that it is usually like eating dessert. This had exactly the right amount of sweetness. When I praised it to the waitress, she brought more for free.

Groan – I’m hauling my fat and satisfied self to bed now.

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