Visual journal, Visual journal 2014

Visual journal, Dec. 2

I encounter this grey and white cat a lot. No one knows who it belongs to. Today I caught it hunting twice on my walk to work. I warned the squirrel the first time. Shirley Squirrely was directly in this dude’s sights. I caught him again after something else in the leaves, this time with camera in hand. I don’t feel too bad for him now because s/he seems well fed, now that I’ve gotten up close.

Visual journal, Visual journal 2014

Visual journal, Nov. 30

Photos of the original bathroom, which is probably a pile of plaster and tile being loaded into a trailer as I write this.

I should have taken a before photo of the clawfoot tub, which we are going to refinish and keep if it is in good enough shape. There is tile around it so we won’t know its condition until the tile is knocked out. You can see some of the cracked wall reflected in the mirror (the mirror will stay), but it doesn’t really show just how bad those walls are. It’s funny because one of the things I loved the most when we bought this house was this bathroom. I didn’t know at the time that it was literally falling to pieces under that tub and tile.