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Staycation week, day three


What happened to Days One and Two? They went by in a flash and that’s okay.

Here’s the agenda for my art retreat/get shit done at home week. The idea is that I choose at least four of these every day to check off. The daily checkbox, in priority order:

  1. Get something done you’ve been putting off. (Monday it was going with Sandy to a will planning meeting at the credit union and sewing buttons on my favorite pair of shorts. Yesterday I dropped one of the cars off at the mechanic for an inspection and oil change.)
  2. Sort/purge/organize one box/drawer/pile. Goal: five paper shipping boxes of stuff out of the studio.
  3. One small area weeded or tended in the garden.
  4. Weave tapestry.
  5. Stitch on apron.
  6. Blog.

Today, I’ll probably clean and vacuum the front porch. We’ll see. Trying to stay off Facebook for the rest of the day.

So far I have not played with my apron, so I’d like to do that today, sitting on my clean porch. The weather is lovely this week. I was able to turn off the air conditioning and even give the fans a rest.

Yesterday, I spotted TWO groundhogs in the back yard! This wasn’t a big surprise, but I had not seen them at the same time before. So much for the water jet idea. They munched plants right around it. I don’t think that they are setting it off, although I hear it go off from time to time. They burrowed under a wire cage and ate the broccoli there, right in front of the motion sensor.

My thinking is that this needs to be a year of observation and reassessment of how to handle this. I’m not fond of the idea of trapping and relocating them, but that is still on the table. I’m watching what they like to eat the most – all varieties of greens, lamb’s quarters, broccoli, certain varieties of beans (Jacob’s Cattle and Cannellini), the cucumber vines, celery, the watermelon blossoms, rudbeckia and sunflowers. They also like the wild yam vines and violets, and I wish that they would chow down on only those. They are leaving alone, so far, the tomatoes, butterbeans, carrots, strawberries, pineberries, and herbs.

Now that there is a sunny forecast, I’m going to spray the repellent again. I also hung reflective hologram tape all over the place. I’m sure that the woodchucks think it is pretty, but maybe we’ll save some blueberries from the birds for ourselves this year. Other than that, I’m trying to let it go.

I enjoyed going through a box of fabric scraps and sorting and purging yesterday, and it makes me wants to do some more cloth strip weaving.

Blogging takes up a LOT of time so I’ll probably skip that for the next couple of days.

The tapestry diary is a scene from St. Simon’s Island in Georgia, where I went for the tapestry retreat. I’ve started it from the image in my head and will refer quickly to a photo later.


On tap for later today, a massage and maybe a trip to the farmers’ market. Right now I’m listening to an audio panel about Enneagram types 8, 9, and 1. I’m a One, and I’ve been working with the Enneagram for about 12 years now. It makes more sense to me than any personality type system out there.


Sunday Morning Coffee Pot Post

I meant to do this yesterday, but I slept so late that I was shocked to look at the clock when I finally opened my eyes. Let’s just say that there was not much morning left. It’s too bad that we all can’t sleep when our body needs it. There’s something wrong with this system. For me, that means a lot longer than most people. I’ve always been that way, but as I’ve gotten older and creakier I toss and turn a lot and I think that it eats into my total time asleep.


After I got up, I went straight to the loom and worked on the tapestry diary for the rest of the week. Today I think I’ll weave 2018 into this block. I wanted to acknowledge the “bombogenesis” although the most we got from it was a dusting of snow and bitter cold. That is supposed to lift tomorrow, thank God. I generally don’t mind cold, but I worry about the animals and perennial plants. I’d worry about the homeless here, but in our city they do have places to go, thank God.


The kitties like to sit on the heating vent under the loom.

Things are a bit cramped here in the studio. For the tapestry diary I’m using this frame loom that I had warped some time ago to take to the lake. I prop it up in front of Cathedral on the Shannock loom with a piece of mat board behind it. I plan to sell the Schacht Baby Wolf loom beside it. I also have a Macomber 40″ add-a harness loom with 4 harnesses currently. I have yet to weave anything on it, but my plan was to weave a big doubleweave rag rug on it. I started measuring warp for the project three years ago, but the kittens were too interested and then my neck and shoulders went wonky for two years. I hope to get back to that. I may switch over to weaving tapestry on it and sell the Shannock also.

Yesterday afternoon we went to an annual White Elephant party that my friends give each year, and we both came home with something we were happy with. I got an insulated grocery bag and Sandy got a bendable wooden artist’s model. I hope that he will get back to painting again one day. He clearly has talent but he doesn’t have the patience for practice – he wants to be great right away.

I need to go put beef stew in the crockpot. One of the things that I’m letting go this year (or trying to) is the guilt I feel about not wanting to cook. I simply have higher priorities these days. It’s not that I have let go of the belief that whole organic and local foods are important. I do want to get my food gardening to a higher level this coming year. But the fact remains that I waste a lot of fresh food because I put off cooking at the end of the day, and I want to do other things when I’m not at work. So I’ll be concentrating on buying easily prepared and more healthy prepared foods to eat in the coming year, and maybe eating out more often. I’ve reached the point where I honestly do not want to buy my food from anywhere but the farmer’s market, the co-op, and sometimes Costco, and I’m still very picky about the origin and quality of my food.

At the same time, I keep bookmarking recipes in the New York Times for things like bread so the habit in my mind remains.

We do have an enormous choice of good sauces to pick from for quick easy meals. Some that I’ve been pleased with are curry and masala sauces from Maya Kaimel. Quick stirfry of chicken and/or veggies, pour this sauce over, make some rice, and presto, a great meal.

I am dead serious about not buying any clothes, books, or art supplies this year. I’m adding seeds to that list. I’ve already bought more than I have room to plant. I have enough tapestry yarn to last me for the rest of my life, thanks to Mama’s life insurance money.

I joined for a free trial and chose “Fire and Fury” for one of the free selections, and to balance that out, Pema Chodron’s “When Things Fall Apart.” I listened to the first one for a little while yesterday. I mainly wanted to add to the demand for the book, because I know that numbers drive Twitler into a tantrum, but of course, I’m not buying it. I’ll probably cancel the Audible after the free trial. I know where to get audiobooks free.

Okay, time to weave. We have another “Old Christmas” party to go to this afternoon.


Bringing in 2018


Ah, first day. We went out for the first time on New Year’s Eve in many years to a Steampunk Ball at the Haw River Ballroom with friends, and it was fabulous. We all enjoyed dressing up steampunk and dancing. The music was fabulous, both the dj selection at the beginning of the evening and the live music by the Onyx Club Boys later. I could see myself getting into this bigtime.

Today I’m looking ahead. I am actually going to begin a tapestry diary today, something I’ve intended to do for several years. I have a frame loom warped already and I’ll use that. The plan is to work on it weekly, but I’ll attempt to do something daily if it is at all possible. I’ll probably use a photo for inspiration of color or shape. I’m not going to promise myself to work daily on anything, because I’ve seen that aspiration go down in flames too many times. It only produces guilt.

Another goal is to not buy any clothing, books, or art supplies for the next year. Basically, nothing that is not necessary. Something else I’ve wanted to do for a while. I have enough books to last a lifetime and I need to get rid of a lot of stuff.

I want to spend more time with the Triangle Book Arts group.

I don’t want to sell anything or enter competitions or juried shows again this year. This may change.

I have to consolidate my studios soon, and I’m getting there little by little.

Trips and workshops for the year are planned as followed: Seth Apter one-day workshop here in Greensboro in early February! Tapestry Weavers South retreat on the Georgia coast in May. I have put down a deposit for Tommye Scanlin’s tapestry class at John C. Campbell Folk School, but since I am third on the waitlist and it is the week of Memorial Day, I have very little hope of getting in. I especially want this one because Jenny, a friend from Washington state, is going, and I always want to spend more time with her.

Sandy and I plan to take a week in mid-September as usual, but this time we are going to try to hit both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks in our quest to visit as many National Parks and Monuments as we can. My friend Judy from Montana plans to join us.

Here are more photos from last night’s festivities, including our friends Jerry and Susan Wong. Gerald Wong is running for Congress. How’s that for cool friends!


From the peanut gallery at the Haw River Ballroom


Jerry and Susan


Jerry made this awesome staff that had lights that synchronized to the music.



Sandy and I relaxing between dances


I don’t normally take bathroom selfies, but it was the only place with light!

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Sunday morning coffee pot post

Did I catch a flying saucer in this photo?

My love/hate relationship with Daylight Saving Time continues. Even though I love that extra hour of sleep in the morning I do not love the earlier darkness at the end of the day. Then spring is so hard to adjust back! I have always had a very regulated body clock. My husband does not and can stay up all night and sleep most of the day on the weekend then switch back to an 8-5 weekday schedule. I envy that and his ability to fall asleep in less than 60 seconds, but I also believe that it affects his health negatively.

My spirits are better this week although it seemed like time dragged. Last Sunday I made myself go to the studio and then made myself sit down at my sewing machine just to play with tshirt scraps. I ended up with a block I liked and will do more in this vein.

Friday night Sandy and I took his little bongo drums to the drum circle that meets in Center City Park on First Friday nights. (They won’t meet again until March or April.) That was fun but I think I’d like to get a bodhran, which is an Irish drum. The vibration on my fingers is a little too much. Then we went to Little Brother Brewing, a new micro brewpub on South Elm, and listened to feminist poetry. An Asheville-like evening in downtown Greensboro.

I’ve been purging collage materials from my studios, trying to get ready to consolidate them if necessary. When I get blocked, I reorganize. I have a lot of pure junk paper that I am recycling, but I also have a lot of old dictionaries, textbooks, natural history books, music sheets, maps, and atlases. My plan is to make collage variety packs to sell at a very low cost because I know there are artists who would love them. I’ll include painted and handmade papers as well. I’ll probably get this going around Christmas when I have time off and sell them through here, my Facebook page, and Paypal.

I think that I’ll make paper and fabric garlands and prayer flags too.

Now, going to work on “First, the Seed” and “Flow” books for the Triangle Book Arts show if I can get my worktable cleared off!

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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This really will be random.

Last night, for the first time since surgery, I could turn over in bed without my insides feeling like they are rolling around! Sometimes the absence of a thing feels like a real thing. So I’m pretty happy this morning. Haven’t even taken a Tylenol yet, although I will.

I think I’ll go to the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market and buy broccoli and some combo of locally raised beef and pork and chicken. They have wonderful lean brats and
sausages there too. I always see a lot of great people there. Back when I was agoraphobic it was one of the first places where I felt comfortable as I was healing.

My field peas are about done but my butterbeans are having a big end of season run. I picked twice this week and shelled, blanched, and froze them. My tomatoes are about done too and I’m going to dehydrate my last batch this weekend.

The California fires are nightmares and my heart hurts so much for the terror and trauma and loss of the people there. Fire is a particular dread of mine and I’ve lost some loved ones to it.

I went to two Art-is-You retreats in Petaluma and one of my classes with Roxanne Stout went to beautiful Cornerstone Gardens in Sonoma to sketch and take photos. I hope they survive this. What beautiful country it is there. It’s little wonder so many people have moved there to retire. It seems from the news reports that many of the elderly residents could not escape in time. So horrible.

I’ve been fantasizing about moving west again despite all this. I keep thinking about a co-housing community near Forest Grove, Oregon. We met one of the residents at a bluegrass jam in a tiny brewery there, and he asked us out to a cookout there the day we were leaving. Even offered to pick us up. Unfortunately it was 100 degrees that day and Susanne had to get on down the road to Eugene to meet her boyfriend and turn in the rental car, so we couldn’t go. I looked it up online yesterday. I would really love to live in that area. I think Sandy would like it too.

I picked the glue out of my belly button and I’m so glad about that. It was driving me crazy. The little things, you know. Also, I never thought I’d be typing that sentence.

Also on my mind: if given the opportunity to sell my part of my cousin’s lake house, will I do it? Anyone who has read this blog for long or knows me well knows of my intense attachment to it. I don’t consider it partly mine because my cousin’s wife has lifetime rights but she can’t tear down the house or sell the property, so apparently it IS partly mine. I don’t pay a cent in taxes or expenses for it but she encourages me to go down there and stay as much as I want. I hear that she is considering making us an offer, which I’m sure means that the house will come down. The lot is what is valuable.

I could use the money for retirement, or buy a nice camper and go where I please.

Ay yi yi. Probably won’t happen but it set my brain in motion. And I’m still smarting over selling my mother’s house.

Okay, better get to the farmer’s market. Time has run away from me. I’ve signed up to do this, which I pretty much do all the time anyway.