Friday, thank God!

Well. This was the longest week ever.

Following the lead of most other universities, UNCG announced that it would suspend classes for one week to give faculty and staff time to get ready and then all lecture and seminar classes would continue online in some form or another beginning March 23, indefinitely.

And while I am relieved that steps are being taken to slow the progress of the pandemic, my allergies and anxiety symptoms combined are mimicking the virus symptoms so I am in quite a tizzy emotionally. I get sick with this kind of thing every single March, but I don’t have a fever.

I’ve got no clue whether I should stay home or not so I’m isolating myself as much as possible. I’m an introvert and a contingency planner (INTJ) so this is good for me. Luckily I have my own office. But I am ready and able to work from home next week if necessary. I’m glad I bought that laptop!

Last night I finally sowed my first tray of seeds. A large variety of peppers, sweet and hot, lots of Roma tomatoes and a few Brandywines, calendula, arnica, and coreopsis. I am using a different kind of tray this year and will transplant the seedlings into bigger pots once they develop two sets of true leaves. I’ll go down to the UNCG community garden to sow some carrots and lettuce. I missed out on getting the garden club students to help me because I forgot about it with everything else going on.

One thing is for sure, I never lack for something to do at home.

The weather is beautiful and we are hanging out on the screened front porch again. I think that winter just might be behind us now.


Snow in NC

I didn’t take photos. Guess I’m not used to having a working camera with me yet. It is our first snow that stuck, so it made everyone excited, and it was pretty covering the tree limbs. I’m happy that I don’t have to go to work until noon, although I can go in at 10 a.m. I don’t think I will.

We were freed today at 2, although again, I could have stayed, but since I had a headache and a choice I didn’t. Most of the time we don’t get a choice and we can’t come in and we have to take vacation time or make it up within 90 days. That’s no problem for me because I already have comp time built up.

Anyway, that gave me time to get rid of my headache and we went downtown to eat pizza then listen to the Piedmont Old Time music jam at Horigan’s House of Taps. Sandy wants to join this group to learn fiddle and I’ll just listen. Lisa was there and we sat in the corner and talked. I took my crochet.

We stopped at Oden Brewing on the way home and asked about the Irish music jsm they are planning there. It will be on the same nights, unfortunately, on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays beginning in March. Maybe I will learn how to play my bodhran.



20th Annual 39th Birthday

This won’t be long. I’ve done nothing all day but look at spreadsheets, push numbers around, and eat leftover soup for lunch. I think that the Sandman plans to take me out for either oysters or Italian for dinner.

Yesterday was nice, though. I built a fire in the wood stove and cuddled up in a comfy chair reading “Still Life” by Louise Penny. Had my massage and then went to Deep Roots Market and bought good things to eat for this week. Then we ate spaghetti for dinner. All in all, just about perfect.

It’s weird to be getting old. I just can’t get my head around it. It doesn’t seem possible – I feel so immature. Whole years of my life seem faded away and so why should they count? But so many things feel surreal these days.

I think that I’m going to collage and write in one of my art journals during the week. Also, get back to stitching now that my hands feel better.

Tomorrow I’m going to the get-together that started with the local Tiny Pricks Project group, so I have that to look forward to.


Big weather

Now that I have this laptop running I’m going to take another shot as using this blog as a journal and talk about everyday life. It may not be too exciting but maybe it will help me stay sane. It also might be moving into more personal territory, which means it may not have a very rosy outlook. Word to the wise. Travel blogging will begin again in May, though.

That was some weather front that came through here. Yesterday the rain was heavy and vertical and today the rain was light and horizontal. Trees falling everywhere. Flooding. We’re all right though. Will have to check the basement. The rain is gone now but the wind is absolutely wicked right now. I heard that it took down one of the last remaining old oaks on campus.

I am see-sawing between telling everybody that I am taking a break from politics and then seeing a Triad for Bernie get-together for the debate tonight and considering going. Maybe I’ll soak in the tub with some bath salts instead. Last night I dreamed about screaming at an old friend of my mother’s because the man with her said something hateful about liberals, and I thought, if my mother was alive, I would never have done this.

I am emotionally exhausted, as are so many of my friends. It has been physically tough as well.

Tomorrow I have our collage group meeting in Chapel Hill and thankfully this wind should be done by then. The only thing I’ve done since the last meeting was deconstruct several raggedy hard cover books for collage materials, but there really is no pressure here.

I finished reading The Dead Republic by Roddy Doyle, the third book in the trilogy that started with A Star Called Henry. I skipped the second book because it got bad reviews. The third book had promise that fell apart. However, reading anything after the wonderful Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin is probably unfair to the writer.

Next on tap is Just Fine the Way It Is by Annie Proulx. I got so excited when I found it on my shelf and realized that I have never read it!

On TV I was sad at the ending of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s third season. It’s so hard to wait for the next one. I am a Star Trek Next Generation fan, so the new series Picard is exciting. I haven’t been watching any movies.

At some point I need to get out into my little greenhouse and start my seeds. I guess I should set up my grow light indoors, though, since I need to start tomatoes and peppers. Pablocito is such a pain about eating plants and plastic and spiderwebs and basically anything that he can eat other than cat food. They are on prescription food because of Diego’s food allergies and they both eat the food but they don’t have to be happy about it.

Sandy is bored with retirement. I hope that he finds a way through it that is satisfying for him. It’s tough that I’ve planned several trips that revolve around art classes. He will go along on the short hops but he is much happier if I can hang out or run around with him. He says he wants to go to Ireland but wants to see how his taxes come out. If he does, he will come along for the first week with me and then either go home or travel on his own the second week.

Looking at my Flickr photos as I’ve transferred them to this blog platform reminds me of the great times we have together when we travel. We argue a little, but for the most part we like doing the same things. The only things that we really differ in are that he loves to shop in all the kitschy little tourist traps (blechhh) and I am done with that in about fifteen minutes, then I am very impatient to get away to nature. He likes to hike too, but it seems like something physical stops him or slows him down on every big trip. I think I almost killed him in Cornwall, hauling him along that coast walk (he enjoyed it, though). This year I may have to eat my words because of a continuing foot problem. I should get my shit together and see a doctor well before the trip in June, but I hate hate hate going to doctors. Anyway, he loves the city and I love the country but there is a lot of overlap, so it’s mostly good.