“Slowly she turned”

Every now and then I like to search for “slowly she turned” and blog the short descriptions from the search page. Usually the hits are from fan fiction or torrid romances. Here are ten.

“Slowly she turned to face the door just as Graham came through at full stride. At the sight of him a wild kind of joy seized her. Graham halted on the threshold.”

“It wasn’t, her heart pounded… But it was. Slowly, she turned to meet a pair of hard, dark eyes she told herself she’d never see again. ‘Chuck.'”

“‘Slowly.’ She turned and gave me a witchy grin. ‘Smiling at everyone.’ ‘Gee whiz, not smiling like that.’ ‘You look almost human in that skirt and sweater, Rosie,'”

“Ever so slowly she turned around, her eyes narrowed. She drew her hands to her hips in a defensive stance. “My plans have changed,” she bit out. Jay ground”

“‘Who is it, Isabelle?’ Isabelle’s face grew very still. Slowly, she turned and called out, ‘It’s your daughter, Mrs. Sherlock.’ ‘No, Belinda’s dead. Don’t do that to me,'”

“Then there she was, her snout smack up against the lens. Slowly she turned to sniff Charlie’s fingers. There was a pause before, very gently, she licked them.”

“Slowly, she turned to face him, her eyes hooded and gentle in the faint glow of his magic. ‘I have something to confess,’ Luna said quietly.”

“Slowly, she turned. Dylan strode toward her, his big body gliding through the crowd. At his side was his trainer, Max, carrying the red bag. She looked Dylan up”

“Slowly she turned to face the way she had come. The mist was thick as pottage. She could see nothing. No one. But though she could not see him, she could”

“With her two hind-legs, she lifted it out of the ground, into the full light; slowly she turned it and returned it, so that every side might receive its share of the”

I also usually find a few photos of mine out there that have been attributed but no permission was asked. Ah well. At least I got credit for them.

Lake Waccamaw, Silliness


“I’m telling ya, Marge, this is the life. Away from the rat race, just the quiet lapping of the waves and an occasional human tossing us some bread crumbs.”

“Du-u-u-u-de! Where ya been hiding? I’ve left you voice mails, sent you emails, you must’ve been away, right? Anyway, now that I’ve caught up with you, I invited the rest of the guys over. Par-t-t-t-ay! Right, right?”