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Rocky Mountain National Park

(This post refers to our Colorado trip in September.) On Wednesday, Sandy and I set out on our own road trip. We stopped in Estes Park where we wasted too much time and money. (In my opinion, anyway, Sandy is the shopper in the family. I am all about getting a refrigerator magnet or a used book and then moving on.) Then we set out upon Trail Ridge Road, which crosses the Continental Divide over two miles above sea level, above the treeline. It was wet and very cold. I think that we just made it before the park closed it for the season.

I loved the tundra and the wide open spaces. The wind was wicked, though. The slick road down made Sandy more nervous than I’ve seen him since Ireland.

There was an elk couple beside the road at the bottom of the mountain. I might have had a good shot of the big male from across the road if three foolish humans hadn’t run in front of me and blocked my view. Fortunately for them, he chose to fade back into the trees, but I got a photo of Mrs. Elk, as well as a long shot of a herd when we were at the top of the ridge.

We had drinks and a bite to eat at Pancho and Lefty’s in Grand Lake, then found a great little retro motel in Hot Sulfur Springs, and ate a good breakfast at the Glory Hole.

Next: on to Utah!