Oregon, Portland, Wildflowers

Portland and on the way to Cannon Beach

I stayed in an Aloft hotel on Wednesday night, which I specifically chose for its proximity to the light rail system station so that I could explore on my own. My brain doesn’t function when I am sleep-deprived, and my sleep gauge was on red from several nights of anticipatory anxiety. I checked in around 3:00 that afternoon, spent two hours dithering over where to go that night despite researching it online beforehand, then gave in to a nap with the idea that I’d wake up in time to take the train downtown and hang around Powell’s for a couple of hours. I remember giving myself permission. Then I woke up at 9:30. So I skipped dinner, gave in to exhaustion and slept until 4 a.m.

A Benson Bubbler, a Portland kinda thing

At 6 a.m. I was on the train downtown with Voodoo Doughnuts as my chosen destination. I had just enough time to have a maple bacon doughnut, a cup of coffee, and to take the train back to meet Jeanne for my ride to Cannon Beach on Thursday morning.

We rode around a bit until Costco opened, picked up some food and drinks for the retreat, then headed to Cannon Beach. We stopped at this rest area in Clatsop State Forest for a little picnic lunch, and enjoyed the wildflowers on a nearby trail.

Marvelous meals, Oregon, Portland, Wonderfulness

On a Particular … Day

When I arrived in Portland, Oregon on the evening of August 21, I was met by my ray of sunshine friend, Cat. We went to her beau’s place, where he grilled succulent wild king salmon for us in the courtyard of his Pearl District apartment building. We relaxed with wine outside while he serenaded us on his acoustic guitar. A sweet, easy-going, handsome guy who can sing and cook? Go, Cat!

She took me to a house where I rented a room via AirBnB – a first for me. It was comfortable and clean, and I amused myself early in the morning by returning their escaped chickens to their fenced back yard and walking around a cute neighborhood. The poem above was posted in front of a creative front yard across the street, and it was so spot on for my journey here and beyond that I’ve decided to use it. I don’t know the poet’s name. I googled the words and received no results. M, who lives on N. Arlington St. in Portland, I am grateful for your beautiful words. Here they are, since they are hard to read in the photo.

On a Particular … Day

The light awoke the morning, silently
So fresh was the air, like a breath taken from the stars
An eastern horizon was like a memory
What beholds a given day, an hour, a moment
With the turning…so goes everything
A winding path, to the Sea, A gift left unopened, A footprint like no other and a flower, always a touch of beauty


Then Cat and Matt picked me up and we went to Alberta St. for breakfast. Our first choice, The Tin Shed, was too busy so we ate at Halser’s. I had potato pancakes, and we drank beverages (Cat has steamed soy milk – she is so good!) and Matt treated us.

As it went with my previous trip to Portland, I had very little time to explore it. Next time I’d like to shop at some of the eclectic shops on Alberta St. Pam, my retreat hostess, picked me up and we picked up Linda at the airport, and we were whisked away to Pam’s cabin just south of Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Oregon, Portland

Side trip to Portland

We decided that we would rather pay for a hotel room in Portland on Sunday night instead of taking a red-eye flight after the conference was over. I found a good deal for the Benson Hotel, a gorgeous old hotel in downtown, and Judy was kind enough to drop us off there. Unfortunately, Delta moved our afternoon flight back so that we had to leave for the airport at 10 a.m., so our time frame was not ideal for sightseeing. We made the most of it though, with a fabulous seafood meal at Jake’s Famous Crawfish, a long visit to Powell’s City of Books, a walk along the river at dawn, breakfast at a diner in the Pearl District, and a quick stop at a beautiful fountain park.

We had Dungeness crab stuffed salmon and a halibut/salmon/mushroom/hazelnut creamy hash that was to DIE FOR.

Oh. My. God. Part of the weaving book section^

Sunrise from our 11th floor hotel room window. Didn’t I do good – I wasn’t afraid of the elevator.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen a “sun dog.”

A rare good photo of me, thanks to Susanne. Our airport shuttle bus driver stopped here briefly to let us experience this wonderful park. We have to go back so we can play longer!

Seriously, Sandy and I are considering a move to the Pacific Northwest after he gets to retirement age (less than ten years away) and if we can find an affordable place to live near a nice town or city. Susanne is ready to go too! I think that Forest Grove would be a wonderful place to live, just from the few days we spent there. Of course, near Seattle would be wonderful too.