County Clare, Ireland

Friday, May 18, 2012: Counties Clare and Galway

Mary at Asgard House really took care of us. At this point I was overwhelmed and exhausted, and faced with way more choices of what to do with our one day in the area than I could handle. After serving us a terrific breakfast in her lovely sunroom, Mary called Galway Bus Tours and had them pick us up at the B&B for a tour of the famous Cliffs of Moher and the Burren. Sandy could sightsee without taking his attention from the road and I popped a Dramamine (recalling the Tuscan bus debacle of 2006) and we were sent off into a fabulous day with a witty and informed driver.

The first stop was Dunguaire Castle, where I quickly became more fascinated with the wildflowers growing on its walls and outskirts than I was with the castle itself. My goal was to get a photo of as many different Irish wildflowers as I could during this trip. I found that most of their wildflowers are also found in North Carolina, which shouldn’t have surprised me granted the number of Scottish and Irish settlers in our state, and I knew from my reading that in May the Burren National Park attracts wildflower enthusiasts and botanists from all over the world.

There were a lot of houses with thatched roofs in this area. Here’s a really nice one.

Next, we visited an old ringfort complete with moat, covered now with green and trees. We walked around it clockwise for luck.

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