Cliff walks, Cornwall, United Kingdom/Ireland trip

Wednesday, May 24: Part IV, the walk to Tintagel Castle

Turning north on the Coast Path, we headed to Tintagel Castle. The path was a much easier walk, and took us by old quarries in the cliffs and through lambing pastures.

We made it in plenty of time! Now it was time to face those steps. I do not like going down normal stairs. These took real courage. There was a t-shirt in the gift shop that I wanted that said “I Conquered the Tintagel Castle Steps” but they only had it in children’s sizes. The castle had originally stretched across this gap, but it was on a fault line and that part fell into the sea.

^^^Sandy: “Come on, you can do it! Just a little farther.” Me: *whimper*

Cliff walks, Cornwall, UK, United Kingdom/Ireland trip

May 24: Trebarwith Strand, Part II

There were caves! Neither of us had the guts to go to the very back of one long one, since it got dark back there.

Sandy, who had his reservations at first about coming down here, suggested that maybe we could spend the rest of the day on this beach. But it was our only full day here, and the tide was coming in, and we wanted to go to Tintagel Castle, so we reluctantly left.