Public Education, Inc.

A long time ago, in my first job working for a large corporation, I was tasked with putting up a display. I saw that the display featured products that were discontinued and out-of-stock, so I ordered some new signage and substituted products we did have in stock. Then I was told that I had to change the display back to what some person in an office far away had decided. So up went the discontinued products, and then we had to explain to the customers that we actually did not have these products “on sale” in stock.

When I left that job to go work for a local bookstore chain, I idealistically swore that I’d never work for a large corporation that employed faraway clueless people to make illogical decisions for people who actually did the work to carry out on a local level. Life taught me it was not that easy and I had to start getting used to it, but my half-Vulcan brain always rejected it, and that made for some difficult work situations at times. I don’t handle cognitive dissonance well. I want logic to prevail. I want people who understand the situation at hand to be a part of the decision making.

I thought that when I went to work in higher education, I wouldn’t have to deal with that business model. Sadly, I was wrong. And I get proof of the micromanaging from above without understanding the nuances at the base level all the time. Often reasons are given that make no sense and/or you know are not true. It literally makes me crazy and it’s why I need, not want, to retire early.

I remember overhearing someone in a coffee shop who I recognized as being in administration at UNCG confide to her companion, “The worst part of being in administration is all the lying you have to do.”

Education should not be run like a large corporation, but that’s where we’re at. It’s a fucking shame, and I mean that. People should be ashamed of what this state is doing to its public education system on all levels.

Budget reductions at UNCG punish it for serving disadvantaged students


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