This is a hard post to write. You’d think that I’d have it all down by now, considering how many hours I’ve spent awake in the middle of the night writing it in my head. But it’s one of those occasions when words won’t suffice. My brother Tim died early on Christmas morning.

Sandy and I have talked about why this loss is so hard. He and I both loved him as a brother, and my family adored him. But Sandy nailed it finally when he said that Tim made everybody feel special. We couldn’t imagine a world without Tim in it, but now here we are.

Anyway, here is a favorite photo I found this morning, from when Jake was a little boy and they played pirate ship in the hammock at the lake.


4 thoughts on “Tim”

  1. So sorry, Laurie. 2022 has been one for huge losses. I hope you and your family are being kind to yourselves and taking good care of yourselves. Everything you’ve posted about Tim makes him sound like that’s what he would want. Hugs and caring thoughts. Terri


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