Lisbon, Portugal

Tavira to Lisbon, May 25


^^^Bye street.

Today was the day I had sort of dreaded – the day that we would have to get our Covid tests to meet the “day before” or 24 hour time limit before leaving for the United States. It ended up being easy, thanks to our host who arranged the appointments for us at a clinic in Tavira. Afterwards we hung out for a while at Pastelaria & Padaria Venezuela and had pastries and orange juice, then sat at the train stop a couple of blocks away.


This train trip was uneventful except that I had filled a water bottle with tea and put it in the side pocket of my backpack. Sandy put my backpack up on the rack, the cap to the bottle came off, and tea poured and sprayed all over the place, including on some of the passengers. So we got some paper towels and cleaned the mess up best that we could.  Damn Americans!

I was not monkeying around with walks uphill any more so when we got to Lisboa-Oriente station, I got a taxi to take us a short but steep uphill walk to our next place. It was a converted over-garage studio apartment in a cute neighborhood and was one of the cheapest and most comfortable places we stayed. When we headed downhill to find a place to eat dinner, Sandy asked a passerby her advice. It turned out that she was the cousin of our landlord and she recommended nearby Restaurante Alegria and walked along with us, showing us walking paths that were shortcuts. So friendly and helpful!

Here’s where I talk about the wildflowers in Lisbon – what many people would call weeds. I was so pleased to see an appreciation for letting them grow everywhere. Most of the time I saw them growing in the cracks of the streets, on walls, and on roofs. This lovely path took us through a small meadow of grasses and wildflowers Most people in the U.S. would have seen this as an overgrown vacant lot.

20220525_203816Alegria was a small rock music themed restaurant – they used 33 rpm records for placemats. Sandy had a beef dish and because I was not very hungry, I decided to try the fried codfish balls that you see in snack bars everywhere. I didn’t particularly like them, but what I loved was the rice and beans that they served with them. I could have eaten just that side dish and bread and have been perfectly happy.

We got our negative results through email and hit the sack early during our last night in Portugal.

And the less said about the trip home the next day and the next the better. Let’s just say that we made it home to Greensboro via Dublin and Boston and Newark by Friday night. So many flights were delayed and canceled that we were lucky to get home as soon as we did. I wrote a bit about it here:

We both eventually got our checked luggage. Whew!

And that concludes the story of our 2022 trip to Portugal.

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