Portugal, Tavira

Tavira, Saturday, May 21

This was the day that we had originally planned to take a bus to Seville, Spain and spend one night there. I did not regret canceling this side trip. We slept late after not sleeping much the night before.

Sandy went for a Thai massage. His back felt better after that and I wish that he had done something like that earlier in the trip.

I love the way that these clouds mirrored the rows of roofing tiles below.


Yep, these stairs weren’t nearly so bad as the first place in Lisbon!

Across the river there was an old marketplace building and a small craft fair was going on outside of it. I bought a hand painted stone magnet from an artist there.


We ate at a very simple place inside for lunch, and the older woman inside did not understand English at all. So I tried to order a “tosta de queirjo” (grilled cheese sandwich). She popped open a cerveja (beer) and handed it to me. We both eventually got toasted ham and cheese sandwiches but I found it funny.


Sandy sampled the porter that I bought at the craft beer bar downstairs and we decided to sit at the bar and have one together. He went upstairs for something and while I waited for him at the door on the street, the bar started playing YMCA. I started doing the YMCA dance, then I noticed several other women doing it as they walked down our street. Then I looked to my left and a little girl was watching me and doing it too. So I kept smiling and dancing with the little girl until the song ended. Later we ran into each other again and pointed at each other and did a little YMCA again. It was one of the sweetest experiences that I had.

I may be an introvert, but I definitely am not shy.

There was an Irish bar and restaurant with tables beside the river that we decided to try called the Black Anchor. It had a variety of cuisines, so I had chicken satay with peanut sauce and enjoyed it.


I didn’t eat these, but this uncleared table on a sidewalk on the way back captured my attention, as much for the snail shells as for the pattern that the wet glass made on the paper.


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