Portugal, Tavira

Tavira, Monday, May 23


20220523_131503After strolling around a few streets, we ate sushi and Japanese food on a balcony over the river that I had been ogling from our terrace for several days. That’s one shrimp inside that fried wrap – so good! We enjoyed watching all the fish swimming in the river below us.

The museums were closed on Monday, but the castle and its garden was open, so we enjoyed the views and the trees and flowers there. I finally found out the name of the tree with the gorgeous purple flowers we had seen everywhere in Portugal – jacaranda. A lot of bougainvillea flowered everywhere as well. Ongoing archeological digs have found that the base of the castle walls go back to Phoenician settlers.


That night we ate at Zeca da Bica, where the tables wrapped through the alley and around the corner outside. I decided to have another kind of grilled fish – golden bream this time. The cheese that we bought as a side was outstanding. We drank a pitcher of sangria and talked to the couple beside us, who were from Germany.


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