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Sunday morning coffee pot post

A two-fer blog day, since I just posted a back forty update from several days ago.

It’s been a good week. We got fantastic news about my brother-in-law’s cancer scan. Miracles do happen, y’all. They didn’t see ANY cancer in the scan, although the oncologist says that there is still cancer there. BUT, given the original diagnosis, this is quite amazing! He is much healthier and will be able to greatly reduce his chemo sessions. We’ll be doing our normal Easter weekend at the lake again this year, and this time a couple of friends will go with us. Easter is late enough this year that the weather should be excellent.

We are going to get our second boosters in the next day or so. Never in my life did I ever think that I would get excited about a shot. I am not afraid of needles any more since I learned to control my breathing so that my vasovagal syncope doesn’t kick in. I was more afraid of passing out than I was about the injection. I’m also looking forward to getting that steroid shot in my heel in four weeks. It might sound painful, but the first one did not hurt at all.

Thursday night we sat outside in the beer garden at Oden and ate really good food from the West Coast Wanderer food truck and listened to live jazz. The students from UNCG come there every Thursday night and play. Then last night we went over there with a couple of friends for a stand-up comedy show that was really mixed in funny-ness and got much bluer as the night progressed. We were tucked away in a little space under the stairs near the front and the last comic targeted us and proclaimed that we looked like we grew pot, but sold cabbage at the farmers’ market, especially Jerry with his hat and Susan with her pigtails. She had us laughing pretty hard. It made me want to develop a stand up set. It was a dream of mine many years ago. Watching Mrs. Maisel has made me fantasize about this more.

Yesterday Sandy and I met a friend for lunch and then went to a great quilt show where there was also a silent auction and a yard sale…oh my god it was so dangerous. I bought some linen, a bag of sewing stuff mainly because there were two vintage packages that I wanted for collage and some trim for a book, a drop cloth, two great books on art quilt design, and a clear two foot ruler for $4.00!!! Robin got a big bag full of great fabric for $7.00. Man, if I wasn’t downsizing…oof. I could have gotten totally out of control. Then I went back to check on the silent auction because there was a small piece with recycled denim and khaki (17″x24″) that I bid on and it was getting close to the end. I won it, asked for the artist’s name, and it turned out that it was made by a friend of mine, Judi Bastion!


So I’m feeling pretty lucky today. Thomas is supposed to come back to work on basic yard maintenance, but he hasn’t texted yet so who knows? I don’t have to be here for that, though. I’m going over to Susanne’s this afternoon and hang out a bit while she marbles paper. Instead of having Jerry’s Artarama frame my tapestry I picked out a piece of matboard and a frame, and I’m stitching the tapestry to the matboard and framing it myself, because it fits perfectly into a 8″x10″ frame. I am learning to size work that I want to frame into standard sizes. So I’ll work on that and have it ready to send to the TWS show, since I’ll need to do that before we leave for Portugal.

Portugal is only five weeks away! EEEEEEEeeeeeeee. I need to brush up on my Portuguese for real now. Especially my numbers, since I tend to mix them up with French, Spanish, and Italian. So I not only need to learn my Portuguese, I also need to forget some numbers in other languages. Bom dia!

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