Happy birfday to me

One of the grad students that used to be here always said “happy birfday.” I’m glad that it is not happy barfday. I’m working today, as this is my busy time of year, but a co-worker and I went to Trader Joe’s over lunchtime, which is about as fun as anything else I could do right now! I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing that Trader Joe’s is not closer to my house. Sandy is getting us Thai take-out tonight.

We used to have certain favorite restaurants that we always went to for special occasions. Bianca’s, our favorite Italian place for a very long time, closed years ago. During the past few years it was Full Moon Oyster Bar. Last year Sandy had shingles on top of his undiagnosed polymyositis during February and we were still waiting for a vaccine. It was a very bad month and I didn’t handle turning 60 well. Posting this from my 59th birthday in February 2020 to remind myself that good times will be back. Seafood is better than birfday cake to me!

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