Greensboro North Carolina

Dunleath Porchfest

We missed the last Dunleath Porchfest but trust me, if I am in town, I will not miss it again. If you are a fan of Americana, old time, and bluegrass, it was especially rewarding, although there were a few other styles. It was difficult to choose which musicians to see since there were so many playing in the same time slots. We chose some of our personal friends.

Joel Landau, who I know from many years of managing Deep Roots Market and being one of the few good guys on the board when the board went rogue and nearly ruined DRM by changing the mission. In addition to being a crucial rescuer of Deep Roots Market, he plays Beatles covers.


Then we walked several blocks to the other end of the neighborhood and split our time between Michael Blind-Dog Gatewood and Jamie Anderson. “Blind-Dog” plays gritty Nawlins style blues and is a new friend – I am rapidly becoming a huge fan since I love early 20th century jazz and blues. Jamie is a songwriter/singer who is a good friend and former boss (currently he is a professor of Asian history at UNCG), and he started playing music in the Seattle and Boston areas with new wave/punk bands. I’m so glad that he started playing again in Greensboro.


Then we backtracked to the street where we began, where our friends and former neighbors, members of the Dellwoods, played old-time music on the porch of our good friends, the Wongs. Every person on that porch has now been a guest at the Lake Waccamaw house at some point, so I’m scheming to get them all there at one time so we can have a hootenanny.


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