Friday Afternoon

I thought I’d post a few of the photos from this week before I go on to my Saturday post tomorrow.

Here are Frida and Bernie in the big cage together. They were pretty stressed at first. Frida was adjusting to her new space and Bernie was thrilled to have a new playmate and wouldn’t leave her alone. Now they seem to be fine, although I notice that Frida closes her eyes a lot, as if she is tired.


Last Saturday afternoon we went to the department get-together at Oden Brewing, where there was a good band playing called Who I Are and a Korean bbq food truck with an amazing bulgogi cheesesteak. Yum, yum. Maybe the best food truck food I ever had – certainly the best cheesesteak sub. I loved the James Brown doll in front of the stage, and the new ESB at Oden is excellent.


I did get out the string trimmer (or weed whacker, as I prefer to call it) and cut most of the yard, at least until I ran out of electric cord. I worked on the new hugelkultur bed by shoveling in the dirt, potatoes, and one garden snake out of the whiskey barrel planter that was falling apart. I moved a lot of rocks around since I took this photo and made hugelkultur bed look less like a shallow grave. My niece won the comment of the day on Facebook when she said, “Where’s Uncle Sandy? Don’t say out in the garden!”


See that cement block wall in the background? I was over there taking a photo of the may pops and a little groundhog came out of the burrow on the other side to check me out. It rushed back in and is just out of the photo’s sight although I could still see it. My neighbor across the street has been feeding the groundhogs so there is not any hope of me getting rid of them. All the neighbors think that they are cute. I scream at them. Oh well. There is a red fox family around too. I think that I heard one bark the other night, and Sandy saw it in the same area. So nature might take care of the problem.20210508_14043620210508_140350

Leaving you with a foxglove and a snapdragon – the volunteers are many this year. Tomorrow I’ll probably have a lot to say, given our medical news this week and my travel plans evolving.


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