Back Forty

Back Forty Update

I don’t know, I guess I will always call it the Back Forty.

It is cleaned up to the extent that I can clean up the rest of it now! You couldn’t even get into the area in the back of the outbuilding because it was so grown over and tangled up in wisteria. At one time I had started a shade garden back there, and my compost pile was there until it lost all sun.

They clipped and pulled all the vines off the gazebo structure! I don’t know if we will buy another fabric roof and screen for it. They kept getting ruined by big tree limbs falling on it. It was my “wet” studio for a while. That rusted metal thing is a press for my handmade paper. I do miss it, so maybe I will look into a reorder on the screen replacement.

First, here is a before photo.

Now this:

Now flowers – the purplish Lenten roses just started blooming this year. The other is a flowering quince that has been there forever.

2 thoughts on “Back Forty Update”

  1. What a difference! Great job Porfirio! The first picture just made me feel stressed and overwhelmed. So much more manageable now.


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