Coronavirus Chronicles

Woo hoo, Tuesday!

Yeah, I know. But it IS an early payday for me. I am making way on being debt-free, although I will probably need to hit this home equity loan again once the pandemic is over for house repairs and yard work, maybe a used car or car repairs. The tax refund from this spring with the big credit for the solar panels has not yet been deposited in my account yet. It is frustrating, but it was partly our fault for forgetting to sign the forms. At least we know now that they received it. For months we couldn’t even get an answer to that. That’s the part that I was mad about.

The so-called stimulus is a joke and doesn’t begin to meet the country’s needs. Of course we can use $1200 right now, but we don’t need it. The unemployed and people who are losing their businesses and health insurance sure do. Economists say it is not nearly enough and needs to be targeted. I give a lot throughout the year to charity and people in need, so I won’t feel guilty socking $600 into the Portugal fund. I don’t know what Sandy will do with his $600.

The solar people came yesterday and found that the circuit board for the panels was blown and has to be replaced. It is all under warranty. We are considering asking them to add another two panels, since twelve don’t quite cover our needs in summer, and now with Sandy retired and me working from home, we are using more energy cooking, etc. than we did with the earlier estimate.

I’ve done okay with my daily housekeeping goals, although I forgot to go outside one day, and I haven’t done any artwork, just catching up on the blog project. Once I am officially off work for the holidays and finished updating the blog, that should ramp up.

First I’ll finish sewing a bunch of masks, since I have those pinned together and set up, and we need them. I don’t know where so many of ours disappeared to, but that’s another reason that we need to get this clutter under control. (I suspect that several are buried somewhere in the man cave.) Then I will get going on that blanket made from Sandy’s old shirts and pants and get back to one of Sharon Payne Bolton’s online classes. I found a bunch of faded prayer flags that I had hung on the greenhouse in the back house, and those should be interesting in a collage book.

Christmas lights are plugged in on the front porch, and I may light some candles, but that’s pretty much it for Christmas decorating here in Casa O’Neill.

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