Evening follow-up

Here’s what I got done today other than preparing meals and washing dishes and making the bed, which don’t count. I cleaned the ceiling fan in my room, which is harder than it sounds. I noticed that some artwork I had leaning on the molding over the closet doors were really dusty too so I got them down and cleaned them and put one of them in a frame. I still need to clean that area but it’s hard on my neck to clean high places so I’ll do it tomorrow. I took a walk and put two books in the little free library. And I finished transferring the photos from Flickr to the end of 2017. I had hoped that I had stopped putting photos on Flickr by that time, but I didn’t, so I will plan to do January 2018 tomorrow and clean out the refrigerator for my house cleaning task.

This is a painting that I did in Mary Beth Shaw’s workshop in Petaluma in 2012.

This is one of those accidental shots that I looked at and thought hmmm. There might be a good abstracted composition in there.

Now I’m going to watch another episode of The Queen’s Gambit and read How Green Was My Valley.

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