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Sunday coffee pot post at noon

^^^Definitely one of the items I will move with me to Portugal.

A mostly visual coffee pot post today. I had a rough night last night – both of my Achilles tendons were aflame and kept me awake for much of the time. Both of them. When I did fall asleep I dreamt of a first day on the job as an assistant manager in a Kmart, where I had to work on the floor for ten hours with this pain – the worst part was ending up in retail management again. I guess that I should see a podiatrist, but I suspect that it is the result of padding around home barefoot or in slippers without arch support since mid-March. I have a very high arch and I don’t like to wear shoes in the house. I have on shoes now, trust me.

Yesterday I made a few masks and pinned up a bunch to sew today, although I doubt that my foot will like pressing the pedal of the sewing machine. The first mask I sewed together the wrong sides, so I cut out a strip of fabric to applique hand over the exposed seam.

My studio tables are a mess. I am seriously considering cutting back on the variety of my media. This will include selling my large looms and focusing on collage and book arts. I’m going to share my mother’s sewing machine with Lisa. She just found out that animal control has been called to take out her feral cat colony, so I suggested this to give her something else to do.

1 thought on “Sunday coffee pot post at noon”

  1. I hope you are feeling better. The material you are using for your masks are beautiful. A lady the works at the local grocery store is making masks and donating to our local food pantry so I purchased a good amount from her. She used to own a quilt shop. I was surprised to see your sewing machine as I have one just like it but it needs a bit of work. Using my trusty old kenmore that I have had for over thirty years. I hope you don’t quit on your weaving of tapestries they are so lovely. The online class with Leslie Marsh making a metal necklace books looks like fun I still have a few online classes from India Flint I haven’t finished. Story of my life unfinished projects. Enjoy your day hard to believe this is the last day of November.


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