Coronavirus Chronicles

Social Distancing, Day 1

Hello! I am taking a break from the first day of working entirely at home. I don’t have a lot of work to do anyway, since I busted my butt to get as much done as possible earlier this week. Actually, I have been preparing for this possibility since the beginning of March. That is me and my INTJ personality – perfect for a crisis such as this.

I will likely be learning to use WebEx and Zoom, and will have to resign myself that yes, I do have to keep up with new technology since I will probably have to work several years longer than I planned to.

Yesterday Sandy and I went to my office and we took home my plants in case I don’t get back there any time soon. They weren’t doing well anyway.

Update from 2 days later. I jinxed myself by writing this post on Thursday morning. The third paragraph ended when I got an alarming email from work. I should have known better. Much of the work I did previously will have to be redone, and of course it all has to wait until somebody or other decides something or another and then I will have to be snappy about getting it done.

Now I’m going to write my actual post that I meant to write on Thursday, but with the knowledge that everything has escalated rapidly.

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