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Sunday morning coffee pot post

Ha! I already broke my daily habit of posting here. Ah well, it will happen.

Yesterday was a great day, though. I drove to Chapel Hill for the collage study group of Triangle Book Arts. This time we worked on our stuff and I ended up with two collages that I really like and another that is in progress.

Working quickly and intuitively in this way is good for me. I tend to overthink everything so it is refreshing. But I’m not sure that I enjoy the design-as-you-go process in tapestry so much. It is a slow art medium and when I get to the end of it I want to be pretty darn sure that it comes out the way I wanted. That’s the reason that the tapestry diary didn’t work out for me, and the caterpillar, even though I was working with a simple pattern in my head that I took from the memory of a photograph, was a bit of drudgery.

But with collage! I had two nice pieces at the end of an hour!

My plan is to turn out a whole lot of these and put most of them up for sale and in shows. That way I can earn a bit of cash for my art retreat addiction as well as establish a body of work fairly quickly so that I can hit the ground running when I retire as far as applying for residencies and grants. I will also eye these for the possibility of tapestry design.

I finished transferring the photos from Flickr for our 2009 Alaska trip posts. This might work now that I have this laptop. It is much easier on my hands to copy and paste.

There is a piece that I’d like to finish that I mostly completed in a Elizabeth St. Hilaire painted paper collage workshop several years ago. During the trip home it stuck to something else and pulled of some of the paper off the background. It shouldn’t take too long to finish it. I noticed the moon painting that I did in this post. I had forgotten about it and didn’t see it in the studio move. If I find it, that would be a nice project.

Sandy is obviously feeling a bit of artist block misery. I think that I have talked him into spending the afternoon in the studio with me to focus on either the board game he is designing or drawing. He plans to take an oil painting class soon. He needs to find something to do every day.

We bought some beef short ribs from Meadow Farms at the market last weekend and I’ve never cooked them before, so they are in the crock pot after we marinated them overnight.

I finally found the charger for my camera battery so I will take photos of yesterday’s collages and post them next. The Kindle camera really sucks and it is almost impossible to get good photos in selfie mode. (My phone’s lens is cracked.) Boy, will I be glad to get a new phone! I’ve spent all my money on future art retreats but at least I won’t be in debt after they are done.

It drives me crazy to have credit card debt. One thing I did this past month was cancel my Southwest Chase credit card. I was irritated that they forced me to use up my points for a seat on a one way trip because they didn’t have any of the cheaper ones available. ON SOUTHWEST. All the seats are the friggin’ same. The trip is in JUNE. But that wasn’t the main reason. I have considered canceling it for months after I found out that they are a major sponsor of ALEC. And Chase is a major lender to fossil fuel companies. Although few airlines or credit companies or banks are not awful in their politics and greed, those are two of the worst.

After the trip to Ireland, I probably won’t fly Southwest any more. It is only from RDU to Boston for one leg of the trip, mainly because they doubled the points on the flight I needed so I didn’t have enough points for round trip. The rest of the trip is with Aer Lingus and British Airways and American. It might be a bit tricky. I have never booked a trip in separate pieces with all different airlines before. But the whole round trip is costing me around $700 including baggage fees, as long as I keep it to one checked bag. I need to keep it to one checked bag because I will be traveling on public transport and by foot. I think I did pretty good!

Okay, time to play.

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