2 thoughts on “Caved”

  1. thank you! I had to upgrade to fucking business on wordpress because I used up all the free memory. that was a bummer. (I’d been paying to keep it ad free for years). I have a pro account with flickr, but have learned recently that their free account is limited to 1,000 images. They’ve been DELETING non-paying user’s pictures until they are at 1,000 or below. So, what happens when I stop paying? And, the better question: what fricking platform could I sub-in for flickr? I’ve done a few cursory searches and not found a clear alternative.


  2. I am angrier about Flickr than anything else, because it would take SO MUCH TIME and mind-numbing work to transfer the photos that are linked to my blog and change the links. I started doing it last summer and gave up. Life is too short for this shit. My blog is my diary and my Internet portal and I don’t want to blow it up. There have been many times when I needed a date for when something happened and I have found it here.


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