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Heading south from Denver – Twin Lakes, Colorado

Sandy and I left on our latest big adventure on Saturday, May 11. My cousin Cherie picked us up at the airport in Denver and we went straight across the Front Range through the lingering snow showers to Leadville, then to Twin Lakes, Colorado where we stayed at the Twin Lakes Inn and Saloon, which has been in some business or another (stagecoach stop, brothel, saloon, hotel) since 1879. This was a worthwhile stop and I would love to stay here again. The owner was friendly, the history was fascinating, the rooms were comfortable, and the food was expensive but excellent. The view was worth the stay by itself.

Some of these photos were taken by Cherie.

In the morning, we woke up to more snow on the ground. It wasn’t a problem, though, and we headed on down the road toward New Mexico.

The next two photos were taken on Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado.

Next stop: Aztec National Monument, New Mexico.

2 thoughts on “Heading south from Denver – Twin Lakes, Colorado”

  1. We were in the Denver airport a week later! This was an urban trip dedicated to exploring Denver, so you pictures of the wilderness made me a little wistful. As long as one of our boys lives there, tho, we’ll be back. The twin lakes place looks interesting. I’ve been to Leadville (100 years ago in the late 80’s) but not there.


  2. Twin Lakes used to be a fancy tourist retreat. The old Interlaken hotel is still on the other side of the lakes. You have to hike there and we weren’t acclimated to the altitude enough to do it. The inn we stayed in was for the “blue collar” workers at that time. Beautiful spot near Independence Pass, which was closed with the snow. My cousin had a hard time flying out of Denver on Monday. It’s good you came when you did. She actually ended up having to stay overnight in Boston trying to get to the Grand Caymans! We brought the sunshine and spring temps and took them back home with us, apparently.


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