Aztec Ruins National Monument, National Parks and Monuments, New Mexico

Aztec Ruins National Monument

We stopped at Aztec Ruins National Monument on the afternoon of Sunday, May 12. This is an easily accessible, compact, 900 year old pueblo great house site. You can explore it in an hour with no climbing or hiking. Despite the name, this is NOT an Aztec site. It is one of the communities that branched out from the Chaco Canyon center. Because of this close connection, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

That night we stayed in a Super 8 in Bloomfield, New Mexico that was surprisingly nice! We ate Texas style BBQ and tacos across the street at Serious Texas BBQ. North Carolinians can be quite snooty about BBQ. I’ve never been a big fan, which makes me a heretic here, but I’m not fond of vinegary food. I ate a brisket BBQ taco and peach cobbler with ice cream. Delicious.

Next stop: Chaco Culture National Park

2 thoughts on “Aztec Ruins National Monument”

  1. I like sweet tomato-based bbq okay and the South Carolinian style mustard bbq. I grew up in eastern NC where it is very vinegary. For me, vinegar has to be tempered with sugar to be palatable at all. In central/western NC it is more tomato-based. You wouldn’t believe the amount of attention BBQ gets here in the Carolinas. Then suddenly everywhere in the world I go, there it is, but it is usually called pulled pork. Gah!

    I am uploading more photos today. Because my phone camera periodically did not work I have photos from four different sources.


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