with a double trunk. It was huge when we bought the house in 2001. It provided lots of shade for two houses, and homes and food for squirrels and birds. The squirrels loved munching on the maple seeds; I found the husks of the seedless “helicopters” everywhere. Now it is gone for safety reasons. It was too close to our house and the house next door, and it was showing signs of decay. Now the Back Forty’s ecosystem is changed, because there is an enormous amount of light that could not get through before. We have enough firewood for the wood stove for a few years, depending on how cold it gets. The trick will be getting it split.

I tend to fall in love with trees. For some reason, I did not fall in love with this one. Still, I am a little sad to see its life ended. It wasn’t the prettiest tree on the block, but it had inner beauty. Thank you, silver maple tree.