More gardening

The front garden

The front shade garden brings me a lot of joy. I’ve transplanted foxglove seedlings, added some different mints, and lantana. Justin is coming over today to help me with it for a couple of hours. He is going to clip back some branches on the south side so I can grow some peppers in containers on that edge. I think that I will dig up some of the lenten roses (hellebores). There are so many and they reseed like crazy. They are nice to have in the winter, though.

I’m considering running a couple of squash plants down the south side of the house too – tromboncino and North Georgia Candy Roaster squash that I got from the Slow Food Asheville table at the WNC Cheese Festival this past weekend.

That was a nice weekend – and I’ll do a separate post about that because we also went to the closing reception of the Tapestry Weavers South exhibition, and I have lots of photos.

But right now I want to give the front garden a little shout out. These were taken last week. The azaleas have faded now. I wish I had more time and ability to work in the garden right now. The weather is fabulous but according to the forecast it will rain all weekend when I am off work.

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