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Sunday morning coffee pot post

This is how it happens. I think this is why it happens. My mind says, “You have to do this! You should do this! You’re a terrible person if you don’t do this!”

I start to do it and my body says, “Yeah, baby, I’m shutting this down right now since you didn’t listen to my advice when I suggested that you stop.”

So not only did I miss the march yesterday, I ended up with a headache that prevented me from doing any artwork, which was part of the reason WHY I didn’t want to go to the march. The rest of the reason is that sometimes I just have to have a day with solitude. No music, no talking, no noise, no expectations. My energy reserve ran out when I went to Deep Roots for the Taste Fair, and I came home and went to bed.

Of course, the simplest reason is spring allergies. So I took an Allegra and drank elderberry tea with honey, washed out my sinuses with a neti pot. Then I sat on the sofa and did some simple stitching.

All night long I woke up with numb hands. ARGH.

Really, at this point, what the hell? So I’ll set up this free-standing frame I purchased back when my hands were really bad to hold my fabric when I stitch. I have a new chiropractor who I’ll see on April 17, and will try to get a massage appointment with Tonya, who fixed me before but made me cry.

The other bad news came this morning. I stepped out back to take another before photo of the Back Forty. As I turned to come inside, I saw him run across the yard and under that white building. When I looked at the photo and expanded it, there he is, on the left near the back.

Yup. It’s back. Now I know who pooped in the pea bed.

Now the friggin’ church bells across the street are playing “The Old Rugged Cross” which always reminds me of my mother. They play hymns twice a day during the week and more on Sundays.

I’m in a dark place right now so I’d appreciate any positive vibes sent my way. As long as they are not “thoughts and prayers.”

6 thoughts on “Sunday morning coffee pot post”

  1. Sending you positive vibs and ehugs. I would need earplugs if I lived across from that much hymn playing. I could handle once a day maybe, but I need my peace and quiet, too. I don’t like to hear any kind of music all the time especially when there’s super bass involved and the air vibrates against me.


  2. I am especially prone to earworms, so they ring in my head for much longer. I am certain that the people who made this decision do not live in this neighborhood. Can you imagine if it was any other kind of music? Nobody would put up with it.


  3. I live near a school and most often it’s joyful background noise, until one teacher or another thinks it a good idea to pass out drums or recorders that is. But the thing that really sends me running for my noise canceling headphones is the leaf blower. Sometimes in season, there are seven yard crews a week to endure. So sorry about the frickin’ bells. In a B rated film, it might be the source of madness or the result of a dastardly curse.


    1. The funny thing is that I played bells in high school marching band. I don’t mind the bells signaling the time – that’s kind of nice. But I’m so done with the hymns. Not only are they earworms but they tend to trigger memories that I don’t want to think about.


      1. I hear you. It’s also coerced sound. That’s part of what I find so hard to take about yard crews. I have no choice.


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