I spent so much time on other blogs, Facebook, and Instagram that the morning and the coffee is nearly gone. And some weaving.

Here’s the area in “Cathedral” that I’m concentrating on this weekend. I’m deviating from the cartoon in this area, so it’s a bit tricky.

Detail from Cathedral.

Another detail. It’s nice to get back out of the shadow. Seems like a metaphor for my life right now, as I rise from a depression/anxiety phase.

Detail from Cathedral

I posted this photo for feedback on which tiny tapestry to send to the American Tapestry Alliance’s unjuried “Biggest Little Tapestries in the World!” exhibit planned for Convergence in Reno, Nevada this July. I’ve been convinced to submit the one on the left, which I wove during one of Pam Patrie’s workshops with Archie Brennan and Susan Maffei from a drawing I did of the pines on the seacliffs there.


I’ve always loved the other one, and the frame loom that I’m doing my tapestry diary on was originally warped with the intention of weaving it in a much larger version. Maybe I’ll weave it on the Shannock loom once Cathedral is finished.

More photos from my walk back and forth to work, on the UNCG campus.



Pablocito is the new spokescat for Slowly She Turned. He carries on a long feline tradition that passed from Miss Jazz (of Jazzcat Productions, the website of the 90s), Squirt, and Theo. Welcome to the staff, Pablocito O’Neill! Right now Pablocito is guarding the back of the laptop and purring loudly.

Pablocito O'Neill, new spokescat for Slowly She Turned

Okay, I’m done with computer stuff for the day. Will be back tomorrow with a tapestry diary update.