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Women’s Rally on Raleigh, etc.

Yesterday’s protest rally was a family affair: husband Sandy, sister Lisa, me, brother-in-law Tim.

My favorite sign was the Black Mirror sign, although I like that the sign on the left covers most of the bases:

I also delivered my book to Artspace where the Triangle Book Arts exhibition will be installed. Opening reception is Friday, Feb. 2 evening. I haven’t decided if I am going or not. I would like to. I didn’t have much time to spend there, but I loved the mixed media show by Megan Bostic and Davis Choun currently in the front gallery.

WATER IS LIFE! And so are seeds and worms…

Birds cluster around the areas where the snow has melted.

Tapestry diary completed for the week. (My weeks begin on Monday in this diary.)

Now going for a massage to get my poor back and hips in shape, then a bit of grocery shopping and studio time at the “other” studio.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Rally on Raleigh, etc.”

  1. Hi Laurie,

    I found one of your photos doing a search for crowded escalators at train stations. I would like to reprint the photo with all three escalators going the same direction, in hopes we can get our local rapid transit agency to adopt a similar practice to clear platform crowds before major events (and before tragedy strikes, as half the escalators at the train station next to our local march were left empty for anyone taking the train from there elsewhere, and the trains were bringing passengers faster than the escalators could let them out of the station).

    Thank you for all you do! Blessed Be,
    Brent White


    1. You have my permission. Thank you for asking. That was the Metro in DC last year and it truly was a scary experience. I have never been so mashed into a space, and I’ve taken a lot of public transit.


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