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Tapestry diary

Whoa, it is cold as hell on the east coast with no end in sight yet. Fortunately we are west of where the “bomb cyclone” is hitting today and tomorrow. Don’t you just love the names for these weather events? “Polar vortex” is my favorite. I hope that it doesn’t kill many animals. My heart aches for the strays in these rare prolonged cold spells. The other day I saw an orange tabby run across my back yard, and then around 2 a.m. on New Year’s Eve a couple of dogs ran across the road in front of us in Greensboro. When I hosted the feral cat colony I rigged up shelters for them, at least good enough to block the wind.

I decided to weave a tapestry diary this year. The goal will be daily, but the secondary and more realistic goal will be weekly. I’ll post occasional photos on Instagram and Facebook.

So the first day was a portal, and the second day was supposed to be a thermometer with a low temperature reading. You can probably see what it looks like instead. Ahem.

Anyway, I’ve made some jokes about the rest of the week’s subjects being a cigar, a banana, a rocket, a grain silo, and the Washington Monument. But I don’t think that I’ll really do that.

The fact is, I don’t have a real plan at all for this. I’ll just follow my nose. But I don’t want it to take the place of weaving on “Cathedral” so I’m not going to put much time into it every day. I want it to be woven mainly of my cotton thrums.

Guess I won’t weave that smokestack pouring out smoke that I see on my walk to work every morning this week. Another day.

2 thoughts on “Tapestry diary”

  1. hmm… at first glance…was wondering if I would have to avoid reading this at work… glad to know that it is a thermometer… (it does look awesome regardless of where my mind went and I love the idea of a woven journal)


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