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Too soon

I was optimistic about getting over this virus in time to go have Christmas dinner with my family in Chapel Hill. As much as reading the ingredients on a bottle of Gatorade repulses me, (glycerol ester of rosin, really?) drinking it helped get some energy back and I was able to get up and moving around. Unfortunately, after making myself eat soup, the whole damned show started all over again and I ended up staying home watching TV with Sandy, and we had crackers and cheese for Christmas dinner. At least it was really good cheese.

One of the first things I need to concentrate on is getting the finishing touches done on my book “First, the Seed,” so I can get it in the mail to Artspace in Raleigh in time for the Triangle Book Arts show, “Re(f)use.” This is an altered book cover bound with handmade paper which I’ve worked off and on for several years. It still needs something and it is pure fear of messing it up that keeps holding me back. I need to push through that.

That being said, I just bought a hardback copy of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert for two bucks a couple of weeks ago so maybe that should be my next read. So far I’ve just been reading it in the bathroom.

I just finished The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan. Very good. I got a little bogged down in the middle during all the instructions for being a courtesan in China, which I thought ran long, but it did help understand the complexities of the system.

I’m being hesitant about moving about too much today since that plus food seemed to set the nastiness off yesterday, but I need to move. My body is older with some arthritis. It gives me a very mild insight about how it must be to be terminally ill or elderly in a nursing home and not have the choice or the hope of getting better. At least I know that there will be an end to this. It makes me remember my father’s last year and my mother-in-law’s miserable last years. I need to get up and move. My body needs it.

I will weave some tapestry today.

I won’t try to move anything around in the studio today. It’s hard not to do this because I have to bring home my other studio at a friend’s house. She is moving. I have time, but I don’t have room for all of it. I have to be a big girl and let some of it go. I might sell my Schacht Baby Wolf loom.

My friend is bringing me minestrone for lunch.

My husband has the day off since he worked yesterday.

My cats are a joy. They are so funny, wanting to go on the screened porch in this cold wind. I shut the door and less than five minutes later they are standing at it, wanting back into the warmth of the house. It is incredible how much they sleep.

Okay, Diego is now on my lap. Gotta go, since we are trying to encourage them to be lap cats. He needs some attention.

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