Cornwall, United Kingdom/Ireland trip

Tuesday, May 23: St. Michael’s Mount

^^^Walking to St. Michael’s Mount

^^^Morning view from our hotel window (and the hotel pool!)

The owner of the restaurant seemed quite sad when I told him that we did not have time to have breakfast with him. Someone we had talked to the night before said that his mother had run the hotel for years and he was trying to get it into shape, and although I felt a bit sorry for him, there was no way I was eating anything in a dining room that smelled like burned eggs and wet dog.

So we got to St. Michael’s Mount a few miles up the road a little early, but just in time to walk across the causeway (which I liked almost as much as the castle) at low tide. We had a “Cornish cream tea,” scones with local jam and clotted cream, at the cafe and shared it with the little birds there, then walked up the steep hill to the castle on top.

Then up we went on the steep cobblestone path to the castle, with its amazing views all around.

I had a direct ancestor who died here, and I knew that he was friends with and probably related to the family who owned this place centuries ago, so I was on the lookout for evidence of him. There was a shield with the Arundell crest on the wall of one of the rooms (on the left).

The gardens were magnificent, but we did not pay to go into them. We did get a nice arial view of them over the walls.

Let’s not forget the cat mummy:

On the way back, the tide was covering the causeway a few inches in the middle, so our shoes ended up getting soaked. It was kind of fun, though! If we had not made it back before the tide got too high to walk across, there was a boat service.

Then we headed off to another place with ancestral meaning to me – a beautiful Elizabethan manor that was built by a many g’s grandfather of mine – Trerice.

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