Devon, Exmouth, United Kingdom/Ireland trip

Sunday, May 21: Exmouth

Sunday was supposed to be the day that we explored the Jurassic Coast UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a major reason I chose Exmouth (which is at the southern end) and it would have fulfilled a quest to visit as many UNESCO sites as possible wherever we travel, as well as Sandy’s fondness for fossils and my love of sea cliffs and beach walks. However, it didn’t happen. We just couldn’t do it.

Our hosts, upon seeing how exhausted we were, suggested that we take a down day, sleep, do a load of laundry, and hang out in their beautiful back yard. Their children were there and they went out with them that morning and early afternoon. When they came back, they invited us to eat a mid-afternoon dinner with them and their family. It was a lovely restful day, and as you can guess from these photos, it was just my kind of place, made complete with Esme, the grumpy cat.

Late that afternoon (and it gets dark late in England, so we had a long evening) we walked down the beach and watched the kite surfers, collected pebbles, ate some ice cream, and enjoyed the sunset. We stopped at the Powder Monkey to eat a hot dog and I finally found a local brown ale, Hobgoblin, by Wychwood Brewery. On the way back I insisted on stopping at the Bicton Inn for one last delicious Titanic plum porter.

Yeah, I could see living here.

^^^The bar at the Bicton Inn

^^^Sunset from our bedroom window. That is the Exe river mouth just over the rooftops.

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