Devon, United Kingdom/Ireland trip

Saturday, May 20: Dartmoor National Park

^^^On the way uphill

I’m so glad that we went to Dartmoor National Park. It was the nature experience I needed, plus there were many ancient and medieval sites, although to be honest, driving on the roads there scared us enough that we didn’t explore it as deeply as I would have liked to do. It was a misty afternoon, appropriate weather for searching for stone circles.

This medieval bridge is called a clapper bridge.

Dartmoor is known for its wild ponies. I saw another small herd of ponies higher up that looked wilder than the two we passed here.

And just like Ireland, there were many sheep.

Maybe I have an ancestral memory that makes me long for the moors. Before I knew about my Cornish heritage my heart leapt at the isolated highland landscapes in Ireland.

We drove back to Exmouth and ate at a contemporary pub downtown called Spoken. I had a soup that combined an odd but tasty blend of flavors: cream of sweet potato and broccoli, and a very good stout from St. Austell Brewery: Mena Dhu Stout.

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