Devon, United Kingdom/Ireland trip

Saturday, May 20: Totnes

Our original plan for the day was to drive or take a train to Stonehenge. Our hosts suggested that a closer and more interesting option might be Totnes and Dartmoor National Park. So Stonehenge will have to wait for another trip.

We parked at the steam train station and walked up the hill to Totnes Castle, which looked over the town and the Devon countryside.

There was a street market happening on the high street in town, with food vendors, farm stands, clothing and antique/junk tables. I bought a British Monopoly card and token set without the board for 1 pound. Lots of politicking was going on, since the elections were coming up. It was obvious that this town was very liberal (and we like that). We ate pasties at a bakery/deli, checked out the old church, then found a cool shaded walkway at the bottom of the hill that took us back to our car. This was a town that I could imagine living in.

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