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Trying to do a little each day

Sub-title: Getting my shit together, but with a lot of self-care

I signed up for this online 100 Day Project, in which you are supposed to make a commitment and post online about what you do on a project of your choice each day. I have a bad habit of doing things like this and not following up. It’s one reason why I don’t do online classes unless I can download them to do them on my own time frame. Even then I wander away…even when I love them, love the artist, love the teacher… Anyway, I committed to weaving on “Cathedral” for at least 5 minutes per day for 100 days. Then I started the project a week late, because, hey, at least I started. And I don’t think that I’ll post my progress on their site because what I do is sooooooo slow. However, I decided to post on my Instagram account daily and I’ll post here from time to time.

Five minutes isn’t much, but beginning is the hard thing for me. If I start weaving or playing with thread or cloth or paper for five minutes, it will very likely turn to ten minutes, or thirty minutes, or “Oh my God, I just realized I’ve been at this for hours and my back is locked up and I’m starving.” But if it is only for five minutes, that’s great too.

The photo at the top and the next one is what I’m working on at the other studio on the weekends. I have three projects going on at once there. This is the one repurposing my husband’s shirts and khakis into a blanket. I LOVE THIS PROJECT.

Here’s my progress with “Cathedral” (at home on the tapestry loom) the first couple of days this week:

And in other news, I changed offices at work. This one is quieter and smaller, on the other end of the hall from the office suite I was in. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, but I like it.

No ranting and raving today. Got to go weave for five minutes.

4 thoughts on “Trying to do a little each day”

    1. Yes, I got the idea from Janette Meetze. They are rare earth magnets and super strong – able to hold the cartoon to the back of the tapestry through those thick layers with no problem. The cons are that they are hard to pry apart, they are brittle and will chip, and will magnetize needles. I used to use sacking needles a lot instead of bobbins because for a long time I worked very small. Now I don’t use needles except for pushing tails through to the back. I’ll have to wait to sew slits when I get it off the loom because the magnets/needle combo drives me crazy.


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