Chicago River view

I didn’t spend very long in Chicago. On Thursday afternoon I was sleep-deprived and it was drizzly.

Route 66, Chicago, Illinois

Union Station, Chicago, Illinois

On Saturday afternoon I spent a few hours in the Art Institute of Chicago, where I took dozens of photos, but I’ll only share one painting photo. Everywhere I turned I saw a slide from one of my art history classes! It was quite impressive and very overwhelming. I couldn’t begin to see it all, so I concentrated on early 20th century paintings, my favorite period.


Chicago cityscape

In front of the Art Institute of Chicago

In front of the Art Institute of Chicago

Giacometti and the view from inside the Art Institute of Chicago



I was so pleased to see this Franz Marc painting. He is one of my very favorite artists and he died young in WWI so not only was his time cut short on this earth, not much of his art survived the Nazis.

I had never been to Chicago, and I didn’t have much time, but now I will have a better idea of what to do next time I’m there.