critters, Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina

Independence Day Weekend at Lake Waccamaw

This was the first time I’ve been able to go to Lake Waccamaw for July 4th. Fred’s house (I will always think of it that way, I guess) is always full on holiday weekends but this year my sister has a house down the road from there and I was able to stay there. I was able to take off work on July 5th so that I could stay and see the fireworks from Lisa’s pier.

It was so hot and humid (with an heat index from 107-110 degrees) that I stayed in the air conditioning for much of the time, but that was okay, because KITTENS! The one day that I did get in the water the water itself was very hot. We had a big storm on Sunday night that cooled the water down somewhat but the waves got so big that they were churning up all the stuff on the bottom so I just stuck my toes in. Family, fun, new friends, and fireworks. Did I say KITTENS? Meet Sissy and Rascal, yin and yang. I spent each night with them.

The fireworks were professional quality. You could see them going off all around the rim of the lake. The ones at Mr. McNeill’s pier were the best and the closest to us. Even the garbage in front of his cabin the next day was impressive.

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