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Making paper from denim scraps, part I

I’ve been pretty bummed out about Fred and jealous of my friend Susanne, who spent her spring break marbling paper at my house while I dealt with April craziness at work last week. When the weekend got here I played in my studio until I triggered carpal tunnel in my right hand again. Can’t blame anybody but me for that one. I knew I was overdoing it but I wanted to get as many denim scraps cut up fine as I could to make paper pulp in Susanne’s “Critter” on Sunday. It’s going to make beautiful paper once my nerve endings get back to normal. Right now it is in buckets in my back yard. I am chompin’ at the bit to get back to creating and I find it very frustrating to be stopped in the middle of a roll like this, especially when I’m trying to distract myself from depression.

^^^Susanne Martin’s marbled paper

^^^Denim trimmings and threads that unraveled from the cloth strips I’m weaving together for a picnic blanket.

^^^Adding cotton linter pieces and stirring until the Critter started circulating the pulp on its own. Fabulous little machine.

^^^Later this week I hope to show you this stuff in the form of beautiful blue handmade paper.

^^^Planted these lettuce seedlings at the front steps this year. We are having a late frost so I’m glad that I haven’t planted anything else. I’m going to plant my butterbeans and field peas next to the fence again in a couple of weeks.

^^^A sweet shot of Theo, trying to charm me into letting him sleep on my pillow, preferably on my face.

2 thoughts on “Making paper from denim scraps, part I”

  1. Hello,
    Years ago I discovered Susanne Martin’s stunning papers. The last i saw her she had taken a break from it and was weaving.

    Was wondering what Susanne is up to these days. Please share my contact info with her.


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