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Saturday Morning Coffee Pot Post

A series where I write about whatever pops into my brain as I drink a little pot of coffee.

I have yet to get a working laptop so the blog posts have been put on the back burner for now. My husband got me a used laptop for free, but I can’t log in on it. So, when I say that I don’t have a laptop, he says, but I got you a laptop!!! and I say but I might as well not have a laptop because I CAN’T USE IT, and he says, oh yeah, I’m going to fix that, and weeks later I still don’t have a laptop that I can use.

Anyway, (and there I hear my mother’s voice again, since she began many sentences with “anyway”) I have had something of a breakthrough emotionally. I went through a hard slog with the constant toothache and then I pulled a muscle in my chest which felt like I was having a heart attack and then my grand-nephew’s father died, which was tragic and put much of my life back in perspective. I went to my GP practice twice to get my heart tested, finally got a new prescription for anxiety meds and the go-ahead to begin the slow switch from my current anti-depressant. I had the long overdue root canal, which was really not much worse than having a tooth filled, and I didn’t need a new crown, thank God. Now I go to a cardiologist next month for a follow up, but I don’t think that anything is majorly wrong. I have palpitations that I think is due to anxiety and my current meds, so the problem is being worked out. The problem with my friend was resolved with a bit of honest talk and humor, and I’m dealing with work issues with a much better attitude.


Today is supposed to be very cold, so I canceled my plan to go hiking and I am going to get my hair cut as soon as I finish my coffee. Nothing fancy, just take off about six inches. I am tired of looking like Kim Davis and I am giving up on the goal to grow it long enough to donate to Locks of Love. I did that regularly back in the 90s and the 00s but it has gotten much curlier (and frizzier) since I went through menopause.

After my haircut, I am going to fire up the woodstove and sit down to weave on Cathedral. Pam gave me some good feedback from afar and I have unwoven a section and will weave it according to her instructions. It is good to have a mentor. If we are closed for weather on Monday, I’ll work on Cathedral again.

Tomorrow I’ll go to my studio at the Church of the Covenant, where I have finally finished moving my supplies for fabric art and bookbinding and journaling and collage. I have been going over there every other evening or so and worked on organizing and I’ve been journaling for the first time in years. Friends join me on Sunday afternoons and it is one of the highlights of my week now. I love my little studio! Now the main task is to pick a project to focus on. That’s a toughie. Maybe the clothwoven denim blanket, while it is still cold weather.

I’ll add photos later this week.

Off to get my locks chopped off.

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